Business Analysis Of Google As A Company

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Executive Summary This report provides a comprehensive business analysis of Google as a company. Contents of this report will include; a comprehensive discussions on Google 's approach to value creation and how they maintain their competitive advantage in today 's markets, the current competitive situation of the company including their market environment, their current competition, and corporate business strategy. It will illustrate and explain the strategic framework of Google using such technics as, S.W.O.T analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, and a Pestle. Also included is the examination of the corporate culture within the company and how it reinforces Google’s current value creation strategy. Recommendations to improve the competitive position and the responsiveness to the business environment will also be discussed. Some topics discussed will be but not limited to; the re-alignments of current business structure, what changes that can be made to the corporate culture, and changes that can be made to the current business strategies.
Table of Contents

Executive Summary 1
Introduction 4
Relevant History 5
Company Description 6
Competitive advantage 7
Technology infrastructure 7
Innovative Services. 7
Market share. 8
Google’s Future Development 8
Current Competitive Situation Analysis 9
Environment. 9
Demographic trends. 9
Socio-cultural influences 9
Technological developments 9
The Competition 10
Corporate and Business Strategy: 10
Competitive position: 10
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