Business Analysis On Business Communication

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Although much associated with business still relies on face-to-face communication, technology has taken its place in business-to-business communication practices as being reliable, effective, and efficient. Whether discussing a major decision with an executive level officer, starting a new company in search of product and distribution, or informing a department that layoffs may occur, the communication process remains the same. A purpose defines the reason a process begins. The initiator, or the sender, has an intended message for a specific audience, the receiver. With business-to-business communication, technology used to deliver the message, the environment in which the communication takes place, and the noise that causes distractions must be considered when expecting feedback. In three business-to-business messages the communication process will be along with a descriptive explanation of characteristics that would improve that particular message. Along with these messages, an additional will be an attempt to create a working relationship with another organization, and a reply message denying the working relationship.

Business-to-Business Cold Call

Cold calling is a cornerstone to any successful business. While in a perfect world, a sales representatives’ phone would be ringing off the hook all day with clients offering him or her business, the reality is that if he or she wants business, he or she needs to go out after it, and cold calling is an effective sales tactic…

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