Business Analysis Part Ii: Apple, Inc.

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Business Analysis Part II: Apple, Inc.

MGT/Management 521
February 27, 2012

Apple, Inc. is appears to be a successful billion-dollar corporation, this analysis will focus on the financial health of this organization. In this analysis of Apple’s business environment focus will be placed on the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow. A comparative analysis will be conducted to that of its top competitors.
Financial Health
In any organization whether it is a large global corporation or a small business, financial management is very important to keep a checks and balance of the organization in order to maintain a stable, profitable business. To determine the financial health of a business, you must look at three key
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Last quarterly reports released by Apple in 2010 reveals that 58 percent of its revenue, excluding Apple store sales came from outside of America (Kane, June 8, 2010). Apple outsources to several countries with China being the main location for the production of iPads. Apple hasn’t had difficulty adjusting to the global market, although consumers have brought into question the treatment of foreign workers employed at the Foxconn factory located in China. Apple has addressed the issues, but in light of this situation Apple’s stocks have remained high.
Benchmarking Analysis Conducting a benchmarking analysis allows an organization to compare itself to that of its competitors.

Best Practices According to "Apple And The Environment" (2012), “Apple is still the only company in our industry whose entire product line not only meets but exceeds the strict energy guidelines of the ENERGY STAR specification”. According to "IBM Supplier Conduct Principles: Guidelines" (2004), “IBM suppliers will operate in a manner that is protective of the environment. At a minimum, suppliers must comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards such as requirements regarding chemical and waste management and disposal, recycling, industrial wastewater treatment and discharge, air emissions controls, environmental permits and environmental
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