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Most of the people want to start their business with a small amount of money and turning it in to million-pound. There are number of British entrepreneurs who have started their businesses with small amounts and conducted their business very well. Philip green is one of those entrepreneurs who started his business with 20,000 GBP and now his business worth is 3.88 billion GBP. Philip Green is an inborn entrepreneur who retains 12% of the UK’s clothing merchandizing sector. It’s been a captivating learning about his growth to fashion trading authority and working out how he conducts business the Philip Green way. If we want to have a look of the local high street in UK, there must be at least one Philip Green owned fashion store. His Arcadia Territory is privately possessed by the Green family and is the second largest in the fashion zone in the UK after Marks & Spencer. So what does it take to turn out to be one of the UK’s utmost fruitful entrepreneurs and one of the leading designations in UK retailing? (Barclay, 2010)
This multitalented entrepreneur and one of the UK’s most successful retailers, Philip Green was born on 15th March 1952 in Croydon. He belonged to a middle class Jewish family, who were at that time running their own business. His father was doing the business of electrical equipment and rented out TV and mother was doing laundry business. Philip was just 9 when he was sent to the boarding school and he got little chance to spend good time with his family.…

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