Business Analysis : Porsche Automotive Group

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In any market there are opportunities to be found. The automotive market is no different. For example, there has been a trend growing in the automotive market, which leans toward renewable energies and those vehicles that will leave less of an impact on their surrounding environment. Green technologies are tied into political agendas and public opinion. Porsche Automotive Group has not missed this less than subtle hint. In keeping with this trend, in the pasted decade Porsche has been developing electric cars (Porsche SE Group, 2016). Another opportunity that exists for Porsche Automotive Group is also one of their weaknesses. It is the fact that they specialize in luxury vehicles for an exclusive class of society. The current competition tends to spread development and manufacturing resources across the spectrum of possible customer needs and expectation. Porsche has continually chosen to specialize. With this specialization Porsche is enabled to direct resources into the development of luxury model vehicles that their closest competitor cannot. This provides them with the opportunity to produce a product for superior in just about every way, given the proper application of effort and resources. The final issue to address is the possibility of threats to the firm.

As previously alluded to earlier, the greatest threat to the future success of Porsche Automotive Group is the global economy and the looming presence of competition. This is primarily due to the…
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