Business Analysis : Quartet Enterprises

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Quartet Enterprises is a business primarily set up to import confectionary and whole sale product to large and small chain stores and super markets around Australia. It consists of four partners with equal equity commitments and entitlements. Our first product released in the market will be Stride chewing gum a proven success in the United States of America. Quartet Enterprises understands the local market is dominated by Wrigley products. We are confident that our product features differentiate itself from its competitors which are almost exclusively Wrigley produced. In the first financial year our strategy is to keep the overheard costs low while striving for high sales revenue. We have devised certain strategies to penetrate strongly…show more content…
Our company values our employees and supports helping our team become the best in their respective roles. Hiring quality individuals for the right job and the right time is paramount for our success. Our commitment and steady investment in fostering the continual improvement in skills and attitudes is critical to providing the premium service required. We recognise and value our team and work to foster harmonious and strong morale and teamwork. We aim to build loyalty and satisfaction in all we do to grow and continue to build the brand’s continual and long term success. We plan to operate in a conscious manner toward green initiatives to build sustainability in all we do. To pay forward the company’s success we wish to help the young disadvantaged kids in communities across Australia and possibly abroad, get help in ways to improve their lives with a percentage of our profits geared at initiatives towards this aim. Honesty and Integrity are cornerstones to our business practises and beliefs. Also we strive to work at being efficient and effective in our practises to minimise any environmental impacts. We hold ourselves up to high ethical and moral standards. We wish to foster strong relationships with suppliers and customers alike to develop a long term strategy geared toward vertical integration from our supply chain networks. 2. Product Stride is a brand of
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