Business Analysis : Quartet Enterprises

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Quartet Enterprises is a business primarily set up to import confectionary and whole sale product to large and small chain stores and super markets around Australia. It consists of four partners with equal equity commitments and entitlements. Our first product released in the market will be Stride chewing gum a proven success in the United States of America.
Quartet Enterprises understands the local market is dominated by Wrigley products. We are confident that our product features differentiate itself from its competitors which are almost exclusively Wrigley produced. In the first financial year our strategy is to keep the overheard costs low while striving for high sales revenue. We have devised certain strategies to penetrate strongly in the marketplace to get the product accessible quickly and build awareness-demand for it. Our primary goal is to achieve sales in the first quarter of $425,000. The report will discuss more in greater detail.

Vision Statement – Our Company strives to provide innovative and great value products and services to our clients with a goal to be a premium supplier. Our service standards aim to continually improve and provide quality throughout our business interactions.

Business Values – Our Company’s commitment to establishing strong relationships that are customer focussed to ensure our customers enjoy high satisfaction levels from our innovative quality products and services. We endeavour to be friendly, efficient and responsive to the…
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