Business Analysis: Rolls-Royce Aircraft Engines

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Introduction The business world is becoming more and more heated up as a result of the ever increasing levels of competition. Each and every industry is witnessing an alarming rate in the number of competitors that exist within it. This is further fueled by the increasing world population, which brings about the speculations that the future of the market is rather bright. It is interesting as to how many things are nowadays done based on speculations and future expectations. In the turmoil of it all, marketing has been established as a very effective tool used by various firms to gain competitive advantage over others. As such, each organization has been able to develop its own marketing strategy based on the various things that affect…show more content…
Framework Analysis The aero-civil industry is one characterized by mechanization, labor and technicalities. A lot of work is done in developing a new engine for an aircraft. The market, on the other hand, is hard to find. There are specified buyers, who are the aircraft manufactures and submarine manufacturer as stated earlier. For this reason, marketing has been used as a tool to lure the few buyers to the various companies. The marketing is rather focused on the customer, and therefore most promotional activities are done in conjunction with the customer (Heilbrunn, 1995). Various companies in the industry have tried various methods of marketing. General Electric, for instance, introduced the Six Sigma approach to marketing, after the management came to the full realization of the effect of competition on the company and its market share. This approach is usually intended to add value on the product based on the feedback derived from customers. The plan made little difference. An oligopoly kind of setting has been established, where the firms monitor each other closely for any alterations in marketing and design that might influence the market. At one time, Rolls-Royce appointed an ex-navy officer to a management position in the company (Wheeler, 2004). This was based on the connections he had in the submarine market. The current trends in the industry are turning
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