Business Analysis: Strategic Analysis Of The Groupe Casino

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The Groupe Casino is a French Company which mainly operates in retailing, e tailing and restaurants. In 1982, Geoffroy Guichard acquired a grocery store. And he went on to expand it in time. Jean-Charles Naouri is now the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Company. On 21 March 2005, the decision to combine these functions was discussed and the confirmation of the same was conveyed on 13 May 2016.
Employees : 227842
Number of Stores : 12969
In France : 9855
In Latin America : 3114
Number 1 in Brazil
Number 1 in Columbia
E- Commerce
Number 2 in France
Number 1 in Columbia
Net Sales : 36 Billion (USD)
Trading Profit : 1034 Billion(USD)

Groupe Casino focuses on its multi-format portfolio and has an eye to expand it in the convenience and discount segment to a whole new level.
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Identifying the potential energy savings by Auditing.
Implementing solutions through the process of Integration.
A dedicated team team monitoring energy, thus providing guarantee.
With more than 900 EPC operated (40% out of France), including Casino Group’s stores and warehouses, GreenYellow has acquired significant expertise in retail sector and multi-site processing.

As discussed above, the company required a well-developed logistics set-up. In the analysis of the inbound and outbound logistics of the organisation, it can be seen that there is a huge emphasis on the subsidiary of Groupe Casino - Easydis, which is hugely responsible for carrying out the operations of the company and management of the procurement of the supplies and effectively delivering them the the concerned retail outlet at the required point of time.
It has 16 sites in France and it is dedicated to warehousing merchandise, order preparation and store delivery. It is one of the three entities of the Merchandise Flow
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