Business Analysis: Telerik Inc.

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TELERIC INC CASE STUDY Kristiyan Petrov – 11114067 Polina Panteleeva – 11114049 Stream 133 Group 1314 Department of Economics December 2012 Telerik INC 1. Introduction Telerik Inc. is a company, which sells user interface components, content management solutions and Microsoft developer tools that allow programmers to build their own applications. More than 100,000 clients in 94 countries now use its products, including brands as well known as Nike, Nokia and Mercedes-Benz, and international organizations like the World Bank and the U.S. space agency, NASA. Our team put a lot of efforts into choosing the appropriate target firm. Not only did we want to finish our task, but also to enjoy the activity itself while doing it.…show more content…
As a co-founder of Telerik, Vassil was instrumental in growing the sales, support and business development units of the company and establishing the fanatical dedication to customer service. Vassil’s vision and dedication has helped Telerik keep its slogan to “Deliver more than expected” and enjoy a solid track record of growing revenues and profitability in the ever changing developer tools marketplace. Vassil earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at the American University in Bulgaria and has served in various roles in companies from real estate, investment and high-tech industries. UNWE, Department of Economics, 2012 Page 3 Telerik INC Svetozar Gerogriev is the second co-founder and he is also a CEO. Svetozar has been instrumental in establishing the Telerik brand and growing the Marketing and Financial organizations within the company. As a seasoned marketing executive, he has invented some of Telerik’s most successful marketing campaigns and has led to fruition many innovative ideas in the field of digital marketing. His profound expertise in the areas of product positioning, marketing research and communications has helped Telerik become one of the most recognized brands in the space of .NET developer tools. Boyko Iaramov is another co-founder . In his role as Chief Operations Officer, Boyko is in charge of establishing,

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