Business Analysis : Telstra, Australia 's Leading Organisation Of Telecommunication And Information Services

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Telstra is Australia’s leading organisation in telecommunication and information services. With approximately 34,679 ( employees and an international presence in 15 countries, Telstra strives to change the way people live and work through “improved and more convenient connection”. They aim to always take put the customer first and constantly provide support for the community in which Telstra operates.


Social performance

Nowadays, the demand for large corporations to contribute to the local community is increasing rapidly. Corporate social responsibility is no longer a choice for organisations; it is an expectation set by the stakeholders of the business. Corporate social responsibility improves the organisation’s brand reputation, increases sales and revenue, increases the satisfaction of employees and overall contributes to a better quality community, so it is the business’s best interest to involve themselves in socially responsible activities (Why Socially Responsible, 2014). Telstra continues each year to invest in the wellbeing of Australia by donating to charities, breaking down social and financial barriers, and implementing programs to help improve people’s lives.

In 2013, Telstra primarily focused on social issues such as digital inclusion, cyber safety, disaster relief and recovery, and reconciliation action. Many programs and policies
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