Essay on Business Analysis: The Australian Pizza Industry

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Background of the company The Australian pizza industry is among the most competitive in the world dominated by the market leader, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited (Ibisworld 2013). Today, the publicly listed company is the principal largest, low cost, pizza chain in Australia operating four hundred and ten retail food outlets, employing over 21,000 employees Australia wide (Ibisworld 2013). The business currently provides customers with pickup and delivery pizza meal options offering customers the traditional methods of ordering such as telephone calls and in store walk-ins as well as a digital ordering service via online mobile applications and a desktop website. Primarily, it is two principal activities that differentiate…show more content…
Another important declaration under the Corporations Act is the declaration from the CEO or CFO. The purpose of this declaration is to ensure that the financial statements present a true and fair view in all material aspects and that operational results are prepared and presented in accordance with the relevant accounting standards. Domino’s Pizza directors have complied with this requirement and have received the declaration from their CFO as outlined in section 7.2 of their 2013 Annual report. Director’s reports not only contain important compliance declarations but they provide narrative non-financial and financial information that help to explain a company’s progress towards its stated objectives. Key elements of financial performance that are reported in the directors report can be described as factors that give reference to which the development, performance and position of the business of the company can be measured effectively (Pwc 2013, p.19). The most common KPI’s that are included in the director’s report include profitability, shareholder return, revenue mix calculations and cash flow measures. Some specific examples of KPI’s that are reported in Dominos Pizza’s

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