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INTRODUCTION My study is to look for the firms that are similar to Level Ground Trading that operate in European Union, which may import and distribute the products of Fruandes. THE FIRM (Fruandes) (Fruandes, 2013) (, 1999) Fruandes is Colombian Firm which produces and commercializes tropical dried fruits. Firm is founded in 2002. Fruandes runs its operations in Bogota, Colombia. The main Products of Frundes are Mango, Gooseberry, Pineapple, Banana, Papaya and Coconut. It is an Organic, Fair Trade and certified B Company. The products of Fruandes are high in quantity and the firm is very strict about maintaining its quantity standard. All the produces are grown in the rural area of Colombia, the farmers grow, harvest and…show more content…
The success measured of a B company is stated by the company’s activity and how the environmental and social wellbeing generated by them. These companies are different from other companies in two major ways. In the first way, the tool called B evaluation is used; this tool has been used to measure the impact in terms of ‘What They Do’ through the business model. Secondly, they measure the impact in terms of ‘How they do it’. The four (4) models are put to practice by this difference: with communities, with the environment, with the workers, and lastly governance and the process’s transparency within the company. There are one thousand (1,000) companies in 30 countries and over 80 industries which are B certified in the world presently. In Colombia Only fifteen (15) of them are B certified. Fruandes is one of these companies and which produces dried fruit proudly. THE TARGET COUNTRY( European Union) (European Union) The target country which was assigned to me for my term project is European Union. EU is the partnership between 28 European countries in terms of politics and economy. Europe THE GOAL AND APPROACH OF STUDY (World Fair Trade Organization) The project given to me was to find the firms which can import the Fruandes produces from Colombia to the countries of European Union. As it can be easily identified that Fruandes’s and Level Ground Trading’s main objective is Fair Trade which is considered as a
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