Business Analysis: The Mayo Clinic

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The 85 and over population is growing at an unprecedented rate and is forcing care providers to transform their practices to meet patient demand [1] The technology, knowledge and resources required to service the present patient workload is astounding. Still, innovation manages to push the boundaries of modern medicine. Around the world, caregiving facilities upgrade their practices and technology to improve society’s well-being. The following ten institutions are among the leading innovators in the world.

10: Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, AZ and FL

Founded in 1889, the Mayo Clinic is the largest nonprofit health care provider and one of the top ten institutions in the United States. [2] The organization leads medicine with high-tech practices
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Jude’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN

St. Jude Research Hospital found its beginnings in 1962 in the imagination of Danny Thomas, a then renowned entertainer. The singer and actor made a promise to honor the name of Catholic patron St. Jude Thaddeus. Since then, the organization has increased cancer survival rates among children from 20 to 80-percent with leading-edge discoveries.

6: Texas Medical Center in Houston, TX

The Texas Medical Center is the largest research and clinical facility in the world, with a campus housing four nursing schools in addition to other learning facilities. Texas Medical Center’s Anderson Cancer Center ranks as the top global treatment facility, and receives patients from all over the world.

5: Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon, India

The Fortis Memorial Research Institute network spans three continents. The parent division in Gurgaon, India houses the latest research and diagnosis equipment available for almost all conditions, such as Tesla MRI Scanners and a fully operational stem cell laboratory. The organization also utilizes voice recognition integrated operating theaters and the most advanced biological cross-sectional scanners available.

4: Bumrungrad Medical Center in Bangkok,
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The facility delivers service to over one million patients annually, utilizing cutting-edge advancements such as the massive, robotic Swiss Automated Drug Management System. Bumrungrad Medical Center also employs imaging that can identify early stage cancer and enhanced radiotherapy imaging.

3: American Hospital of Paris in Paris, France

Originally established to deliver health care for former United States citizens, the American Hospital of Paris is a leader in service delivery and research. Although in Paris, the United States government has recognized the facility as an American institution since 1913. The institution is one of the most prestigious facilities in the world and leads the medical field in procedural and technological advancements.

3: The London Clinic in London, UK

The London Clinic is the largest independent nonprofit health care provider in the United Kingdom and ranks among the best care providers in the world. The institution leads medicine in endoscopy, or digestive tract examination, technology and produces medical breakthroughs such as transcranial magnetic stimulation, a brain stimulation technology for treating
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