Business Analysis: The Origins of Federal Express

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INTRODUCTION Federal Express originally started out as Federal Express Company (now FedEx). FedEx transformed the structure of the existing air cargo industry and paved the way for rapid growth in the overnight package segment of that industry. (Hill & Jones, 2013). Today Federal Express is a cargo airline company which its base in Memphis, Tennessee in United States with its core business in the market of express transportation of goods in various countries around the globe. Federal Express also known as FedEx Express, has its superior financial returns by the virtue of value added logistics, transportation and related business services that is coordinated by the consistent and effective organizational strategies. The services provided by Federal Express meets the standard of the market as the factors of timing and commitment are well met by Federal Express. The customer services provided by Federal Express are proficient enough to meet the requirements as well as to solve the issues of customers with a prominent customer support over different grounds of the service provided by the company. Federal Express considerably improves its profitability by focusing on the different aspects of the business. VALUE CREATION AND COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE The Value Creation of Federal Express is coordinated for performing activities or adopting several policies that can enhance the level of service provided to the customers. The primary intention of Federal Express is to enhance

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