Business Analysis : Volkswagen Company

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When the Volkswagen Company started in 1937, it was a Nazi company. Hitler went to the company Porsche and told them the idea he had for a “people’s car.” He wanted a vehicle that sat five people and went up to 62 miles per hour, so the engineers got busy building the new vehicles. Four years later the Volkswagen Company was born. Volkswagen does not have a mission or vision statement open to the public, but they do have a group strategy for the year 2018. Their main goal for 2018 is for the company to be the economic and environmental leader in the automobile industry worldwide. They also hope to be the top employer across the world by the year 2018 (Volkswagen). Recently, Volkswagen has been making headlines for cheating on their emissions test. According to Ben Dipietro, Volkswagen has recently admitted to training their vehicles to distort the results on an emissions test. Engineers installed software in vehicles allowing them to know when they were being tested and they would emit less emissions into the environment. They are calling the software defeat device and this device impacted the emission test scores that the vehicles were receiving in the United States. The fraud began back in 2008 and the software was installed in more than 11 million diesel engines worldwide. Arun Shudhaman, from the Holmes Report, states, "This is not just a crisis of a major industrial firm. It’s gone way beyond that, it could affect the German economy” (Shudhaman).Volkswagen is a huge…
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