Business Analysis : Volkswagen Industry

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Background Volkswagen Industry was founded in 1937 in Germany. The company introduced a vehicle to the public with the idea that it was marketable to anyone. The design for the original “people’s car” was done by Ferdinand Porsche. According to History at the time of its foundation, the operation was run by the German Labor Front, a Nazi organization in Wolfsburg, Germany. Notably, the car was meant to be affordable, yet speedy while supporting the transportation needs for families ( However, despite its popularity in European countries, initial sales in America were gradual on account of the companies Nazi connections after WWII ( Therefore, in an attempt to resuscitate the company, allies worked to re-brand the enterprise and by 1959 an advertising company launched a campaign to dub the “beetle” as a distinct advantage to consumers based on its design and size. Volkswagen (VW) became the top-selling auto import in the United States over the next several years. By the early 2000’s VW worked to expand its product portfolio offerings to match global demand for more upscale vehicles (Austin, 2007). This resulted in two brand groups: VW Brand group which served the more traditional cars and the Audi Brand Group, which offered more sporty brands. Major Enterprise Architectural Issues • Resource Management Issues • IT Management Issues • Process Issues Analysis of Issues Resource Management Issues The three phase process did not take into account
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