Business Analysis : Wal Mart Essay

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In the digital era, innovation is the only way to success. Innovation in business means doing something different in a better and smatter way that will make a difference regarding quality, value or productivity by use of technology. Information technology has been the main thing that has been used in propelling the business to the next stage of innovation. Wal-Mart, the world largest retailer, was facing inventory management in all its branches leading to low- sales. From its inception, Wal-Mart has relied on the supply chain in contributing to its success. The company used fewer links in the supply chain as part of its innovation that will enhance its success in 1980. Before 2014, the company had engaged in previous attempts of incorporating technology in its activities since 2003. However, the technology was abandoned in 2009 as it did not solve any problem for the company. However, the same technology was incorporated into the business in 2014 which ensured that there were transparency and efficiency in supply chain leading to enormous success in the company. Wal-Mart is the largest retail store in the world topping the list of the Fortune 500. It operates more than 4150 facilities across the globe while dominating in Canada, United States, and Mexico. In addition to being the wealthiest and powerful corporation, it has been ranked second among the most admired companied by the Fortune magazine. Wal-Mart sells general merchandise such as family apparel, household…

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