Business Analysis : Wal Mart 's Monopoly

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Wal-Mart’s Monopoly in Business Joe Pacifico Cabrini College Abstract The purpose of this essay is to discuss monopolies in the world of business. In business a monopoly would involve a particular company that has the ability to consistently dominate as well as control a specific industry. Currently, there are a select few corporations in America that have consistently been able to appeal to a variety of different target audiences by providing an assortment of product mixes for consumers to choose from. Wal-Mart is one major corporation that has been able to create a business monopoly. Furthermore, this essay will present an overview of Wal-Mart’s history along with content that examines how Wal-Mart’s monopoly related…show more content…
Over the years Wal-Mart has proven to be a leader in creating an affordable department store that offers consumers every possible product imaginable within one single store location. Since the colonial times in America there has always been a presence of monopolies in business. At this point in history there were some companies that had been granted the exclusive rights to sell certain products in the new world ( Beattie, 2015). In the early history of America the government implemented the Sherman Antitrust Act in 1890 (Letwin, 1956). At that time, the purpose of that particular legislation was preventing oil from being monopolized. Moving ahead in the future to today there are number of firms that have been able to create monopolies in their industries by having extremely significant market shares. Within the past couple of decades there have been some major firms who have found themselves in legal battles with the American government. In 1998 there was a monumental case brought on against Microsoft by the United States government. In their case they had claimed that Microsoft had ultimately become so dominant in their business industry that they had prevented other firms from participation in that market (Fitzpatrick, 2014). With this Microsoft case in mind it is important to understand that there is much government regulations to be associated with preventing the occurrences of monopolies within American based businesses. Most people feel as
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