Business Analysis : Web Design And Computer Programming

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Assignment 1: Business Analysis Provide a brief description of an organization where you currently work, would like to work, or one in which you have an interest that you have chosen for this assignment. Technological innovations are providing new means of developing, sourcing, managing, and delivering applications and services. Businesses are more in need to find technological solutions to aid their achievement of long-term financial sustainability as the economy has become more global. The dynamic transformation of computers being able to communicate with each other has brought out a revolution which affects every industry within the economy. Skills in web design and computer programming are in demand by businesses allowing opportunities for one to grow. Not every company has a department in place capable of creating the necessary tools to have an online presence to bring in more customers. Hashrocket is a web development company which is based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida (Zitron, 2015). They maintain high standards by practicing pair programming techniques; a collaborative style which one programmer is the driver and types the code, while, the other is an observer which checks code for correctness as it is typed (Cockburn & Williams, 2001). The firm mainly develops with Ruby on Rails (RoR) and provides services to businesses which do not have the resources or knowledge to do projects in house. Assess three (3) factors, either economic, social, or both,
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