Business Analysis : Westland Insurance

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Business Analysis 1 Business Analysis W C Patten University – MGT303 Business Analysis 2 Westland Insurance is an emerging insurance brokerage in British Columbia. It is a well-known, rapidly expanding company, home to many dedicated staff and clients. Westland’s organizational culture, leadership, mission, and strategy are all partly responsible for its success, as well as its various weaknesses. Though branches at Westland are managed by very different types of people with different managing styles, all managers have some guidelines in order to establish a relatively standard workspace. Managers are rather laissez-faire, but are able to help employees upon their requests. Tasks are delegated, but aside from walk-in clients, after an employee is finished his or her tasks, he or she is rather free to do what he or she pleases – as long as it is not obstructive to others or the work environment itself. Thus employee interaction is rather friendly and many employees help each other. For example, if one employee has been sick and is behind on his or her work, fellow employees generally come to the rescue and help catch him or her up. This creates a strong team atmosphere where employees know they can depend on each other. A strong self-managing team atmosphere is conducive to employee productivity and motivation (Barker, 1993). However, this team atmosphere, while certainly beneficial overall, is not without its pitfalls. According to Karau and Williams (1993), “social loafing
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