Business Analysis : Workcover Queensland Service Divisions

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Table 1 – WorkCover Queensland Service Divisions
Customer Services
Working in partnership with injured workers, employers and other stakeholders to deliver a high standard of customer service at affordable prices that are valued, with teams managing specific industries to provide end to end claims management process, from claim determination through to return to work (WorkCover Queensland 2015c). The Customer Services division aims to enhance claim management outcomes to deliver better services to customers. This division is the main issue focus of this report defining CRM issues.
Business Solutions
Provides services and solutions that meet business needs and achieve customer service outcomes, ensuring that the business has processes and technology that are sustainable, reliable, and make work more efficient (WorkCover Queensland 2015c).
WorkCover Queensland work to manage finances that focus on long-term investment strategies to maintain minimum capital requirements and appropriate operating expenditure, claim costs and premium, with the division also providing audit functions, statistical analysis, procurement and quality analysis (WorkCover Queensland 2015c).
Corporate Services
Consisting of business, customer, and people support along with communications and property services, the division ensures customer and stakeholder information is processed seamlessly providing essential services to support customer service activity through simple and flexible processes…
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