Business Analysis of Apple Inc.

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Business Analysis of Apple Incorporated
Sarah Norton
May 16, 2011
Jerry Davis Business Analysis of Apple Incorporated Apple Incorporated is a company that has made their mark in designing and marketing electronics, computer software, and personal computers. Some of Apple Incorporated’s most notable products include the Macintosh computer, the iSeries; iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Along with these computer applications Apple Incorporated also runs the iTunes store; a multimedia site where music, movies, and television shows. There branding genius has led to $65.23 billion dollars in sales in 2010. Looking at Apple Incorporated as a mutual fund manager it is important to perform
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This is a growth rate of 32.1%, giving shareholders confidence in the growth of Apple Incorporated. The weaknesses of Apple Incorporated include product recall; Apple Incorporated’s products are complex in nature and made by third party manufacturers. When recalls ensue it is damaging to Apple Incorporated’s reputation and can lead the customer to one of many competitors. Apple Incorporated must stress the importance of quality control and provide immediate rectification to any products that do not produce acceptable standard. Apple Incorporated continues to capitalize on the need of mobile phones and PC’s. As businesses continue to grow globally, immediate feedback is desired and communication is essential. Some common threats to Apple Incorporated’s success are problems that plague most businesses; competition, many brand name companies are following the trends of Apple Incorporated development. Apple Incorporated has to continue to be on the forefront of innovative ideas. Specific suppliers not living up to high standard must be investigated and may lose the ability to provide Apple Incorporated services to the customer. They perform monthly audits and training to their supplier staff for proper treatment and expectations in the workplace. Apple Incorporated has been scrutinized in the past for not being a green company. Apple Incorporated has addressed the concerns about being environmentally friendly and posts updates of

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