Business And Consumer E Commerce

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What is Business to Consumer e-Commerce? Business to Consumer e-Commerce, also referred to as B2C, is the process of selling goods and services over the Internet rather than having a traditional brick and mortar outlet to sell such products. Businesses establish a website or electronic marketplace with multimedia catalogs, interactive order processing, protected electronic payment systems, while also offering online customer support which allow consumers to shop and purchase items in confidence (Retrieved from
What are the types of Business to Consumer e-Commerce? There are different categories of B2C companies including direct sellers, online intermediaries, advertising-based models, community-based models, and fee-based models. Each type is quite different from the other. Business may also mix each type of model given that each has unique characteristics and benefits to both the business and the consumer (Retrieved from
1. Direct Sellers: This is a type of B2C model in which an online retailer sells a product directly to the consumer. Direct sellers can also be sub-categorized into e-tailers and manufacturers. E-tailers ship products either from their own warehouse or from other companies. Manufacturers sell their products using the Internet to eliminate the middleman (Retrieved from
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