Business And Expanding Umuc Haircut Shop

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Myra is now ready to put all her resources to work for her in implementing her strategy for building her business and expanding UMUC Haircut shop. In this paper, we will discuss how Myra brings about all her resources to strategies her shop to be a competitive source. Being able to compete with the growing community where bigger and better hair salons are expanding in her neighborhood. As the future of technology is changing the way, we do businesses all around the world. And most companies are relying on the use of management information systems (MIS) (integrated into their business. With the possibility of order and shipping goods, interacting with customers, or maintaining other business functions. In the In the
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She will have to make up a plan that will send a message that will encourage and appeal to both sexes. After she has determined the answers to these matters she must examine her ability to develop immediate relationships with individual clients in the College campus area.Myra will need to do some sprucing up in the shop, she would like to add two stations for manicures. She is looking at space next door for the expansion would be great in give her more room to branch out.

1. Proposed IT Solution:
The overall objective of the project is to improve the accessibility to the UMUC Haircut Shop. The best vendor and the system that is an excellent fit for what she need is of advantage. A Software as a Service (SaaS) such as Sap a cloud-based system which is already maintained and operated by vendors. Advantage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) giant SAP is assertively pushing into the software as a service CRM and ERP markets with its Business ByDesign solution. The on-demand ERP system is showing strong global adoption from both customers and partners (Clouds360. Com). Add that to the Axcient, which pulls double duty and Myra is heading in the right direction with her business. The company offers data protection and business continuity for MSPs with a hybrid on-premise appliance for backup and combines that with its cloud-based disaster recovery service (Clouds360. Com). With this system guarantees to put money
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