Business And Financial Case Study Analysis Of P & G

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P&G’s subsidiary analysis P&G currently is selling largely through four channels: 1) modern retail stores, 2) mom-and-pop stores (which dominate emerging markets), 3) wholesale and 4) mass volume retail (Wal-Mart, etc.). P&G is focused on expansion in the international pharmacy and e-commerce channels to increase P&G products being accessible at more outlets. P&G basically believes on cost efficiencies leading to effective margin expansions of the tune of 350-450 basis points to fuel the above top-line growth. Although, most of these cost savings are expected to come from scale, such as locating of larger volumes of raw resources at more reasonable prices and weakening of SG&A over larger volumes, P&G aims at improving in production planning…show more content…
The laundry detergent had been around for more than 50 years and still conquered its core markets, but it was no longer increasing fast enough to support P&G’s needs. Annual division revenues have risen from $12 billion to almost $24 billion in a decade later as Tide’s returns have nearly doubled. The brand is surging in developing markets, and its iconic bull’s-eye logo is turning up on a selection of new products and even new businesses, from instant clothes fresheners to neighbourhood dry cleaners. This shows the result of a strategic effort by P&G over the past decade to systematize innovation and growth thus proving that this is not accidental. P&G has always been big on innovation as a way to support the premium price of its branded products. Let’s recall P&G invented Pampers, Crest and Tide – all major turnaround in their categories then. Innovation has become a much more collaborative process and P&G constantly partners externally to bring new products to the market. . It is a strong supporter of gender equality; it is truly a multicultural environment where discrimination is fought against. Thus, P&G is a varied company in many

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