Business And Management As A Social Science

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ULMS 602
Business and Management as a Social Science
Management School
University of Liverpool
Yaman Suryaman

Philosophy and science are two words which interrelated subtantially as well as historically because philoshopy has a role in the existence of knowledge and development of knowledge also strengthen the existence of philoshopy. Science is divided to be two main subjects, natural science and social science.
In this essay, I would like to explore the social science. This exploration of social science would be started by going back to the century ago to learn the history of social science philosophy itself. The terminology of philosophy has been recognized since Ancient Greek 2700 years ago (Turnbull, 2013). It is
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In the last of my essay, I would like to relate the social science to my own research.
Discussing philosophy of science is essential since it might encourage human to be more creative and innovative. It can give spirit for human to develop science and also moral value which lies in the knowledge.
The Nature of Social Science
We may start to ask the question about definition of social science. Many definitions of social science are available. Before we move to the definition of social science we need to understand the concept of social. According to Oxford English Dictionary (OED) online, states that social is relating to the society or it relates to organization. Social is recognized as relating to the human being life in a community and. As a social creature, every individual may have different attitude, character, and ways of life, perception and behaviour. We cannot state that the behaviour of certain person is right and the others are wrong. For example, Greeting to older person that we meet is the fact that can be said is true since if not it would be social problem where the society believe that the good young men are respect and greet to elder if they meet.
Social science, defined as a study about human behaviour in groups and how is their interaction to society (OED). Social science consists of the discipline and systematic study of society and its institutions includes economics, psychology, anthropology, sociology, and political science. This study all
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