Business And Management : Organisational Behavior And Leadership

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Organisational Behaviour And Leadership

W K D Nishan M Adikaram
Liverpool Hope University
MSc Business and Management

Assessment Question:
“The most effective organisational leadership is that performed by a team. Discuss at least TWO examples of organisational behaviour and leadership that (a) support this statement and (b) challenge this statement (at least ONE for (a) and ONE for (b)). You should select examples from organisations, corporations or businesses, citing your research evidence. You must relate to theory and include references to relevant books and journal articles in completing your answer.”
Because of the current economy is developing very
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Researchers have provide many theories of leadership styles.
What is Leadership
There have many definitions of leadership and some has identified leadership as a specific characteristics or traits and some seen it as a combination of knowledge and skills. Jacobs and Jaques describe the leadership as a process of assign meaningful direction or a purpose to collective effort and causing willing effort to be expended to achieve the purpose.
Robbins and Stephen P (2005), has mentioned that an effective leadership can be described as the path to sharpen the organisation or group in to expected form in order to fulfil the goals and targets of an organisation. It is always an essential fact to identifying the key characteristics of a good leadership. Understanding the organisational behaviour have a direct impact to identified the required suitable leadership for the organisation. It is also identified the guidelines in contingency theory such as the situational factors that includes the task structure of job role, group support and stress levels, intelligent leadership and personality, ability and experience, motivation as helpful ways to understand leadership for the organisations. Trust relationship development also take as a key role of a good leader. According to Buchanan and Huczynski (2010), Leadership is a crucial part for an organisational success and it can be found at various levels in an
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