Business And Management : Organisational Behavior And Leadership

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Liverpool Hope University
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Organisational Behaviour And Leadership

W K D Nishan M Adikaram
Liverpool Hope University
MSc Business and Management

Assessment Question:
“The most effective organisational leadership is that performed by a team. Discuss at least TWO examples of organisational behaviour and leadership that (a) support this statement and (b) challenge this statement (at least ONE for (a) and ONE for (b)). You should select examples from organisations, corporations or businesses, citing your research evidence. You must relate to theory and include references to relevant books and journal articles in completing your answer.”
Because of the current economy is developing very fast and more organisations are expanding there businesses and many new organisational establishments are vastly taking place around the globe. Organisations and groups may not be able to fulfil the tasks or achieve targets efficiently without the contribution of a single individual act as a leader. The leadership has identified as one of the major importance in nowadays economic world. The demand for leaders is rapidly increasing in the current world than it ever has been. Leadership also been identified as a crucial management skill that “Organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal”. The leadership may energize and direct the groups towards to right path as the leadership is more importance for a groups and teams in an…
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