Business And Operations Management Professional With A Passion For Helping Others Achieve Goals Through Strategic Planning

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Highly motivated and results-driven business and operations management professional with a passion for helping others achieve goals through strategic planning and decision-making activities. I have a versatile skill set that includes the ability to work easily with all personality types, build trusting relationships, read and analyze financial statements, pull the important details out of complex documents, and review operations and processes for improvement opportunities.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, The University of Colorado at Boulder
Certificate in Applied Business, The University of Colorado at Boulder

● Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects, and Deadlines (Fred Pryor, 2016)
● Project Management Workshop (Fred Pryor, 2016)
● Event Management and Planning (Fred Pryor, 2016)
● How to Communicate with Tact and Professionalism (Fred Pryor, 2016)
● Contracts, Purchase Agreements and Vendor Negotiation Skills (Fred Pryor, 2015)
● Business Writing for Results (Fred Pryor, 2015)
● QuickBooks Basics (Fred Pryor, 2015)
● Training the Trainer (Fred Pryor, 2015)
● Social Media Marketing Strategy (Fred Pryor, 2015)
● How to Deliver Presentations with Ease and Confidence (Fred Pryor, 2015)
● The Essentials of HR Law (Fred Pryor, 2015)
● HR Basics (Fred Pryor, 2015)
● The Controller 's Workshop/ Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial People (Fred Pryor, 2015)

● Microsoft Office Suite (MS Access, MS Excel,…
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