Business And Their Ownership Of Apple

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Business and their Ownership Introduction In this task I will compare two businesses in their sector, size and purpose. I will also look at the role of the stakeholders and the impact that they have on the organizations that I have chosen. Apple is multinational business with a good reputation designing and developing expensive, but high quality electronic products such as the worldwide famous iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook. They also provide high standard computer software that is used across the world by a large variety of people from top music producers to professional designing organizations. Apple was first founded in April of 1976 to sell personal computers (Wikipedia, 2014). The National Health Service also recognised as the NHS (formed in 1948) is a public funded (through the taxation system) healthcare service that is controlled and owned by the Government. The NHS provides free healthcare to the majority of UK citizens and to those in the EU (with certain circumstances). Part 1 Sector Apple operates in both the secondary and tertiary sector. This is because they produce their own products in China and then distribute it to their stores in order to sell to their customers around the world. This is different to the NHS as the only operate in the tertiary sector; this is because they are not extracting any resources from earth (therefore excluding it from the primary sector) and it is not in the secondary sector as the NHS are not producing anything. They
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