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Smart Thermostat Business Architecture Proposal Capella University Introduction Products for smart homes will start to see a big growth in the upcoming years thanks in part to the progression of the mobile network infrastructure. Newly developed applications cloud services are setting the stage for a more sophisticated home monitoring service. Because of opportunities like this, is the reason why a proposal for a business architecture supporting Smart Homes, Inc is being submitted. The main focus of this proposal is the smart home thermostat. Along with the product, the proposal will outline a registration system responsible for collecting and storing smart home thermostat information. This proposal will provide suggestions for…show more content…
* Capability and architecture of current database. * Regulates how each department will obtain data from a smart thermostat. Recommendations * Training for staff and managers. * Business architecture recommendations. * Wireless and mobile architecture recommendations. Stakeholders The primary stakeholder who will have decision-level input on planning the implementation of IT technology of the company will be the CIO. The CIO has a high level of interest on the company and will be briefed on a weekly basis on the outcome of the proposal. Other stakeholders with high-level interest are: * Project manager * Project sponsor * Suppliers and vendors * Support staff * Customers * Share holders Manage Stakeholder The individual influence of each stakeholder on the project will vary depending on their responsibilities and all can potentially impact the outcome of the project. A project manager’s main goal is to maintain a positive relationship between every stakeholder that would help facilitate a positive outcome of the project. The project sponsors are the suppliers and vendors that would supply the necessary items for the continuous production of the product. The project sponsor ensures that organization delivers the planned business benefits. The support staff ensures that the project goals stay on track by providing crucial support when needed. The CIO of an organization
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