Business At The Northeast Connecticut Chamber Of Commerce

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Imagine this, you’re a business just starting out. You have a solid product that’s evolved over time to which you have developed a key niche in the market. You spent countless hours working on your storefront and developing a professional environment. Your product line is ready for sale and you told all your friends and family about your new store. You open up the door and by the end of the day… you had five people come in. Reason being is that as a small business owner you forgot one of your biggest tools, marketing. I have an internship currently at the Northeast Connecticut Chamber of Commerce which is headed by Betti Kuszaj the executive director. The purpose in the chamber of commerce is “a local association to promote and protect the interests of the business community in a particular place” ( but the way I think of it is it’s a club to promote the growth of its members (small businesses). The chambers ultimate goal besides promoting the growth of small businesses is that it wants to get more members. Reason being is that to be a member it cost a yearly fee which depends on how much workers you have per business. The low end of the membership is the baseline price of 200 dollars for businesses with less than 5 employees while the higher end is up to 1,000 dollars or more with employees being 200+. Therefore it is important to get these new memberships because even though it is a non-profit organization the chamber still has to raise revenue to pay

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