Business At The University Of Texas Rio Grande Valley

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Auto Works has assembled a highly skilled executive team that has studied business at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Our executive team has a wide range of valuable experience ranging from financial, to sales, and engineering. This wide range of experience allows the team to make the decisions necessary in order to propel this company to success. Another key strength would be its staff. The company was able to draw from a talented and experienced pool of workers within the automotive industry. This was made possible due to the concentration of automotive suppliers located within the Rio Grande Valley both within the United States and Mexico. The company is able to draw from the employee’s vast experience allowing the company…show more content…
Our vehicles are cleaned, either by the customer or from our dispatch location. Our timeliness goal is to get the destination in a prompt and quickest way possible. We pride ourselves in our friendly staff that’s there to answer any questions or our easy to use application. Our associates are trained with a “Yes” mentality to book every deal and get another vehicle on the road. We can monitor our profitability by breaking the operation down to dollar spent on a per car basis with the expectation of averaging a daily rate to reach objectives. Our components install easily on today’s vehicles making it easy to address the passenger needs of all of our customers. Weaknesses Like with all new technology ventures we are not without risks. It is a growing field filled with competition. Our competition, who has more resources, is as well entering the market. Our size difference can work to our advantage and given the right corporate culture we too can grow to an immense size. The technology can be and will be improved every day. Continuous testing and research and development will keep us ahead of the curb as well as having the right people to engineer solutions. As a small firm taking on big industry we expect the reward to be great. The fact that our brand has not been around for generations will be a hurdle to get across. Good business is good business and if we take care of
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