Business BTEC Level 3 Unit 13 M1 Essay

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M1 - Compare the purposes of the different documents used in the selection and recruitment process In this report I will compare the purposes of all different recruitment resources documents used in the selection and recruitment process for a given organisation. Job Specification What the job involves This allows the candidate to fully understand what the job role involves before apply for the job. It allows candidates to figure out if they’re suitable for the requirements which the organisation is looking for, this can normally save time if the candidate believes the job role is not suitable for them. Job title This shows the candidate what title they will be under if they are Lucky enough to get the job. Titles are…show more content…
Reference numbers are important to keep track of what job role you’re applying for since every role will have a different reference number, so you can always find your way back to the role. When talking to the organisation, they normally ask for the reference number to find the vacancy information for interviews etc. It’s also important to let the candidate understand what responsibilities they will adhere too, such as running a team, budget etc. Attainments and Qualifications This is the information which allows the candidate to understand if they are suitable for the role with the requirements that are set by the organisation. This is normally required for a known knowledgeable job which requires the candidate to fully understand the area of work. Organisations normally set a minimum level of qualifications. (Such as minimum C in Maths GCSE.) General Intelligence This is placed within the person specification to notify what skills and knowledge the organisation would rather the candidate have, such as communication and people skills. The skills noted in the person specification usually relate to the nature of the job role. Location of Role This tells the candidate where the role is located within the organisations

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