Business Benefits Of A Saas Software

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Business Benefit #1 and explanation: A SaaS software is a great business benefit for Virginia Bikes, because it is a software that is already installed and configured. This solution provides a pay as you go service from a third party provider to host IT hardware, software, servers, storage and other infrastructure components. Therefore, eliminating the hard labor intensive work related to keeping hardware and software secure and working properly - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will save Bill countless hours, which could be used to focus on growing the business vice focusing on oversight of in-hour technology maintenance. Business Benefit #2 and explanation: A SaaS solution will provide automated pre-built business process solutions (solution including: Human Capital Management, Sales Force Automation, and Business Intelligence). Bill has many business processes that need to be automated through information technology, and these solution will not only help Bill in managing his business, it will also save him time to focus on improving his current and future business strategies. Business Benefit #3 and explanation: A SaaS application will allows for Virginia Bikes to increase and maintain flexibility. A SaaS cloud-based solution will make it easier to have new users, in different locations, to be up and running without the cost of hardware and licenses for each location and user. Bill has multiple locations that will be able to use the same business processes by
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