Business Benefits : Swot Analysis And Pestle Analysis

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1. Valentinos, Mission Statement, Three Business Benefits, SWOT Analysis and PESTLE Analysis. - Mission Statement To guide persons to the right path in their relations with a high level of privacy and confidentiality. - Three Business Benefits - SWOT Analysis Strengths: 1. The long established brand name and the stability performance as a result of the experience gained during the years of work. 2. The use of high technology and experienced staff who are ready to meet the members ' needs. 3. Diversification of provided services (friendship, love, marriage and meeting new people). 4. Huge database for all members of society. 5. The efficiency in matchmaking services, giving advices, answering clients ' enquiries. Weaknesses: 1. The use…show more content…
The users can provide a brief profile and search for their partners in the website which is secure and can be trusted. Unlike the current offline system, the new online dating system will serve millions of singles looking for relationships, romance, love and marriage to find their desirable partners and interact with them easily. - Context diagram - Potential benefits and costs Benefits: 1. Provide faster service – the processes on the internet needs seconds to be completed. 2. Attracting larger number of customers – as a result of the services, the number of customer will be increased. 3. Increase profits and revenues – as a result of the large numbers of customers. 4. Reduce the needed time – by using the internet unlike the offline services which may take long time. 5. Further reputation – quality of performance and customers ' satisfaction help to spread its reputation. 6. Providing new services and developing the systems by using the customer fees in order to grow its client base. Costs: 1. The new system installation cost. 2. Costs of periodic update of the system. 3. Costs of repairing the malfunctions that can occur. 4. Software and hardware maintenance cost. 5. Staff training cost. - Smart Objectives: 1. To record all customer data with 99% accuracy. 2. To accurately display the matching files to the customers. 3. To supply the new customers with 100% instructions about how to use the system. 4. To increase the quality of performance by 80%. 5.
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