Business Btec Level Three - Unit 31 - D1 Essay

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D1 - Evaluate the way in which a fashion retailer has adapted its policies in response to an identified target market characteristic.

Topman have many polices that are there in order to make the experience and the time in the store or buying online better for the consumer. The polices are often tailored to the target market to make sure that they are meeting the market characteristics. Topman makes sure that the target market that they are aiming towards is going to be attracted to what they have on offer in terms of a brand and a business. The polices within Topman would have been adapted and made to response to the characteristics of the target market they are aiming towards.

The target market of Topman is teenagers and students,
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One thing that makes the student discount different at Topman is that you can still have it even off sale items and they do change how much the amount of discount is every now and then to make sure that people are still interested and this then make people buy more if they are able to get greater amounts of discount. The student discount was added to the company polices after they started aiming to appeal to students. This was a hard decision because there are certain companies that don’t offer student discount, as they believe that this cheapens the brand. Topman offer student discount through a variety of ways to make it more appealing to students and younger people. They make sure that you can get it online and in store, it’s available through NUS discount cards and its also available through UNIDAYS. This makes the student discount veritable. Overall Topman has brought in a supported student discount well, they have also made it even better by changing the amount of student discount that is available.
Another way that Topman have adapted the polices of their company to appeal to the target market is to make the returns process as easy as possible. This is because it is going to be appealing to young people, teens, students and young adults because they don’t have a lot of time to do what they want to do, and they also don’t have much money

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