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BTEC business Studies 15 The impact of communications technology on business Business Unit 33 Andres Yunda How the internet works The internet is still in its younger age, and has barely any technology compared to its future designs. Each and every year, scientists and engineers find new technologies and languages to integrate into the internet. It is basically a global collection of networks, both big and small, which connect to each other in a variety of ways. To properly understand the internet, you need to look at some of the main components. One of which is hardware. Hardware is the name given to the whole process of terabytes of information being carried to the computer that stands right in front of you. It is the…show more content…
Servers are basically large computers that information is stored in, you normally find them in bulk, as there is a lot of information to access, and some networks may require their own servers. For example office buildings, banks, insurance companies etc.). These special servers offer services to other computers that are trying to access information or require information. These computers that access or require information are called clients, as they are the ones that are getting or buying material. Some examples of servers can be: web servers, Email servers and/or even application servers. Types of connections to the internet: The main concern nowadays when using the internet is that sometimes, they can run very slowly and even crash or freeze. Sometimes it is the websites themselves that make the computers run slowly, as they might have incorporated high definition (HD) flash animations and/or high resolution images. This can mean that in order to access that certain website, you will need to have a good enough connection to your server. If you do not, then it can cause your computer to lag. Very recently, everyone has been connected to the internet via wireless connections, which has been introduced to increase the speed at which your computer runs at, and your overall internet connection. Before wireless came about, many people used different ways of connecting to the internet,

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