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BTEC National Extended Diploma in Business
Assignment Brief – ASSIGNMENT ONE

Unit title | Unit 41 Business Markets and the Economy | Assignment | Business organisation and objectives | Start date | 10th March 2014 | Draft deadline date | 19th March 2014 | Final deadline date | 26th March 2014 | Assessor | Mr Muhammad |

P1 - identify the objectives of a range of organisations | P2 - explain how organisations meet their objectives | M1 - compare the methods used to achieve objectives in two contrasting organisations | P3 - outline the characteristics of the economy in the UK | D1 - analyse the performance of a selected business against its stated objectives |

The main purpose of this assignment is to:
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For example, if profit maximising is identified then there should be some discussion of pricing policies and cost management. Current market examples can be found. Apple products, for example, attract a premium price compared with equivalent non-Apple products and there is almost no price competition suggesting there is price skimming. Topics you must cover - profit maximisation, profitability; sales (value, volume); growth; internationalisation; market share; market power; welfare; stakeholders; coordinating activity to achieve goals (refer to P1 assignment). This provides evidence for P2 | Task 3 (MOST): Students should, for two selected organisations, compare their objectives and the methods used to achieve these objectives Sufficiently contrasting organisations should be selected and the activity can build on the work for P1 and P2. For example, a welfare-maximising healthcare provider will provide screening and preventative services which help prevent more complex problems that would be costly to treat and eradicate (only to be undertaken on successful completion of P1 and P2). This provides evidence for M1 | Task 3 (ALL): For P3, students should identify the characteristics
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