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Musically Infinite, LLC Business Plan Terrance P. Carson Principal 1990 Jonesboro Road McDonough, Georgia 30253 (770) 777-9311 November 16, 2012 A. Executive Summary 4 A1. Business Identification: 4 A2. Mission, Goals and Objectives: 5 A3. Keys to Success: 5 B. Company Summary 9 B1. Industry History: 9 B2. Legal Form of Ownership: 11 B3. Location and Facilities: 11 B4: Management Structure: 15 B5. Products and Service: 17 C. Market Analysis 19 C1: Target Market 19 C2: Industry Analysis 20 C3: Competitive Analysis 22 D. Market Strategy 25 D1: 4Ps. 25 D2: Price List- 28 D3: Selling Strategy- 29 D4: Sales Forecast- 30 E. Implementation Strategy 33 E1. Overall Strategy- 33 E2.…show more content…
The purpose of this business plan is to convey the vision for how Musically Infinite will become the preferred vendor of choice for music artist both novice and veteran. This plan will detail the vital steps involved in transforming an idea for a successful business into a thriving profitable pillar to the Metro Atlanta Area economy. A2. Mission, Goals and Objectives The mission of “Musically Infinite” is to provide Affordable, professionally engineered, complete Audio production.” Musically Infinite’s goal is to become the industry standard for Audio production in the digital music era. From the veteran vocal artists, worldwide superstars, to new local artists seeking to make a name for him and herself with a high quality product usually only reserved for the elite and super wealthy. The later part of our company name “Infinite” is defined as “immeasurably great, indefinitely or exceedingly great; Unlimited, unbounded or unlimited; boundless or endless.” This term when joined with our focus “Music,” is what our core passion is, and conveys that our corporate objective is to allow an unlimited love for music to flow from our creative artists to the extent of their talents, gifts or supernatural abilities. The literary genius that is embodied within the walls of skin held
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