Business Capstone : Samsung Company

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Business Capstone - Samsung Company
There is need to consider several things when we talk about operations and future of a business. Expanded through a minor export business in Daegu, Korea, Samsung has emerged as one of the prominent corporations in electronics around the globe (Samsung, 2015). Samsung has major emphasis on electronic appliances and digital media, memory, system integration, and semiconductors. At present, Samsung has always created innovation through top quality practices and products that are accepted around the global. This paper will present SWOT analysis and Porter model of five forces for Samsung and propose the opportunities to increase profitability and competitiveness. This paper also comprises a communication plan along with the proper system of corporate governance and its successfulness in Company’s operations.
Impact of the Samsung’s mission, vision, and primary stakeholders
The core vision of Samsung Company is to be continuously showing their innovative behavior by producing solutions and products through emerging technologies to instigate and encourage humanities around the globe. Since its beginning Samsung has become a global leader in the field of information technology and managing greater than two hundred worldwide auxiliary firms ( (1), 2015). Samsung has its full commitment in innovations, it has implemented a multi-pronged technique that connects to: worldwide consortiums that facilitates to resolve critical…

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