Business Capstone : Samsung Company

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Business Capstone - Samsung Company
There is need to consider several things when we talk about operations and future of a business. Expanded through a minor export business in Daegu, Korea, Samsung has emerged as one of the prominent corporations in electronics around the globe (Samsung, 2015). Samsung has major emphasis on electronic appliances and digital media, memory, system integration, and semiconductors. At present, Samsung has always created innovation through top quality practices and products that are accepted around the global. This paper will present SWOT analysis and Porter model of five forces for Samsung and propose the opportunities to increase profitability and competitiveness. This paper also comprises a
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The company has been growing its sales by 17.45 percent yearly for the last 5 years, to a total of 141.21 Billion Dollars by end the of year 2012 (Bloomberg, 2015). If they keep this pace, they are going to meet their sales goal by 2021. Samsung move from 49th place in 2008 to 4th place 2012 in top global brand, and still remaining now, making one of the company’s goals already achieved (, 2015).
Company has established an effective relationship with its stakeholders and treating everyone through diverse techniques. Samsung is periodically meeting the demands of its shareholders where significant judgments are made and problems are discussed. For instance, strengthened compliance management organization has started and operated a healthcare study center. Company has a direct connection with their consumers and employees through making client satisfaction surveys to make a healthier costumer relation service. It also is creating employee surveys that made the company to improve the work shift system to reduce work ours. Samsung has also contributed in government policy formulation, which assisted to make an Energy management system that decreases its energy consumption by 10% ( (3), 2015).
Five Forces of Rivalry Impact
The five forces of rivalry is an efficient method that companies apply to facilitate their ventures to locate most valuable industry for its business. These five forces
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