Business Case For Quality And Inadequate Nursing Care

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Business case for quality
Inadequate nursing care can be a result of staffing issues or under educated nurses. Errors can be made that not only affect the patient’s well-being, but can affect the financial standing of a hospital. Creating a business case for quality, would make changes benefitting the hospital as a whole. This paper will describe the current situation in need of change, discuss the proposed program, and provide a market analysis, an implementation plan, a timeline for implementation, and an evaluation plan, including relevant financial data of the proposed program.
Current Situation Summary
The current practice for post op cardiac catheterization (cath), to include percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is to provide the initial recovery in the cath lab, then transfer to the floor for the next several hours of monitoring. PCI is the placement of a stent into a narrowed cardiac artery with administration of high dose anticoagulants to maintain patency. Initial recovery consists of the first hour post cath, with vitals and site checks every 15 minutes (“Fort Walton Beach Hospital”, 2014). The current policy states that if the first hour post op is stable, which means minimal changes in vitals and unchanged site checks, then the next several hours of recovery can be provided on the progressive care unit (PCU). According to the policy, after the first hour, vitals and site checks will be completed every 30 minutes times 4, then every hour times 4 (“Fort Walton
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