Business Case

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|[Department Name] |[Department Address] | Business Case [Project Name] NOTE TO READER: “Business Case Usage Guidelines” have been developed to accompany this template. | |Table of Contents | | | | Executive Summary 2 Background 3 Problem / Opportunity 3 Current Situation 3 Project…show more content…
This section describes the history and current state of affairs giving rise to or relating to the general business problem or opportunity that is the subject of the business case. Problem / Opportunity Description: Provide a brief description of the business problem or opportunity that the project is trying to address. Examples of general business problems are: • Not meeting service level expectations • Escalating service costs • Change in business requirements • Change in Legislation Current Situation Description: This section provides a synopsis of what is happening currently within the ministry, if applicable, what has led to the current situation, and what is likely to happen if the current situation is maintained. The current situation can be defined in terms of relevant legislative requirements, organization structures and responsibilities, human resources, processes, and technology. Checklist for Background Section: 1. Is the business problem or opportunity clearly defined in general terms? 2. Are the relevant facts outlined so that the reader has a clear understanding of the relevant history and current situation and the resulting problems or opportunities? 3. Where necessary, does the current situation include available statistical information? |Section |Project
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