Business Case Proposal For Barna Inc

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Running Head: UBER ELITE TRAVELS 1 UBER ELITE TRAVELS 21 A Business Case Proposal for Barna Inc From Uber Elite Travels Amy Brinlee, Jon Daniels, Duane Deeter, Kelley Keppinger, Clayton Wells, Jared Wilson Southeastern Oklahoma State University Logistical Strategies in Aerospace Administration AVIA 5233 Professor David Barna February 23, 2017 Table of Contents Abstract and Introduction 3 Integrated Product Supply Elements 4 Computer Resources 4 Design and Interface 5 Facilities and Infrastructure 7 Maintenance Planning and Management 8 Manpower and Personnel 9 Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transcripts 10 Product Support Management 11 Supply and Equipment Support 12 Sustaining Engineering 13 Technical Data Management…show more content…
Uber Elite Travels can offer Barna Inc. a multitude of services and support for all your information technology needs. Business innovations are exploding, and information systems are becoming more complex and interrelated. Let our team assist with all your computer resource needs. Our company will offer an expansive range of solutions including the sales and service of desktop computers, personal workstations, notebooks, tablets, printers, and networking equipment. Uber Elite Travels will also provide your company with data recovery services, Cloud-based solutions, virtual private network connectivity, VoIP phone systems, and video conferencing equipment. Our team will assist with helping determine the correct broadband selection and implementation as well as design and customize a web site to your specifications. Competitive advantage and increased productivity is vital in today?s expanding business; we will supply Barna Inc. with customized monthly reports reflecting the effectiveness and utilization of business decisions, and allow your company to maximize future investments while gaining share of future technology. At Uber Elite Travels, we believe in quality commitment. Quality is a keystone of our company. Uber Elite Travels will remain vigilant for new opportunities and improved products as we continue our relationship. Security is a top-priority; all applications will be password protected, providing maximum

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