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BUSI 780 Business Case Study Design Seminar Applied Learning Solutions, LLC: A Question of Business Strategy Alan W. Stanfield May 8, 2016 Respectfully submitted to: Dr. Kim Anthony Liberty University Applied Learning Solutions, LLC: A Question of Business Strategy Introduction This case discusses the business strategy for Applied Learning Solutions, LLC which is an educational trainer manufacturer located in Georgia. The company manufactures educational trainers used to train electrical students in both technical high school classes and technical college environments. Applied Learning Solutions, LLC supplies engineering, design, and manufacturing of training equipment for Educational Systems, Inc, a distributor in Texas.…show more content…
However, along with aligning this mission with strategy comes the added cost of incorporating industry components which are a premium price over the conventional educational components used by competitors. Background Applied Learning Solutions, LLC produces four different models which include the CWT100, CWT200, CWT300, and the CWT300 Plus. The CWT300 model makes up 75% of the models manufactured and is sold to the distributor for $7,500 per unit. The distributor then adds $5,000 to the cost of the unit for a total sale price of $12,500. The added cost is to cover advertising, sales staff, customer support, and provides a profit margin for the distributor. Additionally, a shipping charge is added to the price of the unit which is typically around $500 per unit. If Applied Learning Solutions, LLC provides the shipping service, then the additional $500 is added to the invoice and an employee of Applied Learning Solutions, LLC delivers the unit to the customer which provides additional income for the company. However, shipments of the units are sometimes coordinated through commercial truck lines in which the trucking company collects the shipping charge. The decision to ship through Applied Learning Solutions, LLC or via a trucking company usually is determined by the distance of travel and the number of units being delivered. The production

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