Business Case Study : Electronic Commerce

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Electronic Commerce is the process of exchanging products and services or information with the help of computer networks, which includes the Internet (Turban, King, McKay, Marshall, & Viehland, 2008). We can classify e-commerce by their relationship among different participants in the following types (Turban, King, McKay, Marshall, & Viehland, 2008).
Business-to-Business (B2B): All the participants in this model are business organizations. For example, Dell applications include B2B with their suppliers (Turban, King, McKay, Marshall, & Viehland, 2008).
Business-to-Consumer (B2C): This is an e-commerce model where the business organizations sell products and services to individual shoppers. For example, E tailing is the other
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In 1969, Internet began life in the US and mainly used by government and its departments, researchers and scientists. In 1990s, the World Wide Web came into existence and that is when e-commerce was coined. From then until today, e-commerce has seen both success as well as failures (Turban, King, McKay, Marshall, & Viehland, 2008). The failure was mainly because the e-commerce field was going through consolidations and organizations were trying different models and structures (Turban, King, McKay, Marshall, & Viehland, 2008). The other reason was giants like Amazon were working on expanding their operations and generating increased sales. However, the future looks bright for e-commerce and the usefulness is starting to materialize. As e-commerce expands, these benefits will increase significantly. E-Commerce offers benefits to business organizations, individuals and the society (Turban, King, McKay, Marshall, & Viehland, 2008).
Benefits to Organization
EC helps in locating customers and suppliers around the globe at a reasonable cost. Processing information, storage and distribution at lower costs. It helps to reduce delays, cost and inventories when coming to supply chain improvements (Turban, King, McKay, Marshall, & Viehland, 2008). Transactions are 24/7/365. Talking about customization, it is according to the customers wish, quick and at reasonable cost. Sellers
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