Essay on Business Case Study - Lucent Technologies

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Business Case Study - Lucent Technologies

Executive Summary

Lucent Technologies is a global leader in communications and software development. This report briefly overlooks its evolution, its achievements since its inception and its mission and targets. Born as a result of a spin-off of a unit of AT&T and relying on Bell Laboratories for its innovations, Lucent has expanded and grown at a tremendous rate in a very short time.


Lucent Technologies Inc. was formed in November 1995, combining units of AT&T with that of Bell Labs. Lucent develops and manufactures communications systems, software and products. Lucent sells public and private communications systems, supplying
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The only fly in the ointment is that Lucent is a relatively young company in its present form. However, remember that the company's origins go back a long way as Lucent was formerly the Bell Labs unit of AT&T."1

Overview Lucent provides complete services including software that equips service providers to extend wire line and wireless access, local, long distance and international voice, data and video and cable services. The SPN segment includes the product groups responsible for Lucent's optical networking, switching solutions, access, wireless networks and software products businesses. It also includes the businesses that are focused on the needs of cable television operators, and data networking systems for service providers, as well as the sales and support organizations responsible for offers, sales, distribution, installation and maintenance for service provider customers worldwide. "Lucent's systems connect, route, manage and store voice, data and video in any combination, and are used for wire line access, local and long distance switching, intelligent network services and signaling, wireless communications, including both cellular and personal communications services (PCS), and high-speed, broadband multi-functional communications. Lucent has a wire line local access installed base (the number of access lines serviced by
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