Business Case Study: Paragon Bioservices Inc.

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1. Overview & Details of the business: Eg: What is the URL, location, number of employees, date founded?
Location: Baltimore, MD 21201
Number of employees: N/A
Date founded: 1990
(Paragon Bioservices Inc, 2016)

2. Details of services: what services do they offer? Who are these services aimed at? Are they focused on a niche or do they provide an integrated portfolio of services?
The company produces pharmaceuticals including monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), recombinant protein, vaccines, and viral vectors. The company also provides research services, cGMP manufacturing, and process development. Services provided by the company are directed toward research and clinical organizations (GMP manufacturer Paragon Bioservices, 2015)
3. Contracting: are there any details of who contracts with this
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Analysis: do you think the company is successful CXO? How scalable is their business?
I believe that the company is currently a successful CXO. Their business is specifically targeted to the field of medicine and science but they provide several useful processes and products. The several contracts they have been provided is support that various real companies and organizations trust their business. The company currently only has one location and whether or not they have intentions on expanding was not found.

6. Financial: Please present any key financial details available
In October 2014, Paragon disclosed that they have raised 13 million dollars in a compilation of stocks led by Newspring Capital and Camden Partners (Paragon Bioservices Inc, 2016). In December 2014, Paragon received funding from the DoD for producing virus particles for Ebola and Marburg virus vaccines (Paragon Bioservices, 2010).
7. Future plans: any indications of future plans for the
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