Business Case Study : Smartphone Industry

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Case Study: Smartphone Industry in 2013 (Samsung’s Dilemma)

Following years of success, Samsung comes became among the established powerhouses in the smartphone industry. Nevertheless, the success of the company has been essential in unveiling various challenges and opportunities in equal measure. These company needs to address such issues as it navigates the competitive landscape. It is valuable to note that Samsung has been able to sell more phones in comparison to the rivals such as Apple and Nokia. Besides, Samsung is a major play in the tablet computer market.

External Environment Based on an assessment of the case, this report will focus on three aspects of the environment analysis: political, economic, and technological factors.

• Politics:
Samsung tends to operate in political environments, which are conducive to its operations, thus, utilization of benign political atmosphere. From this perspective, Samsung recognized the role of political instability in its strategic plan.
• Economic:
From an economic perspective, the company focuses on using the economic performance of the global entities to expand its global footprint. However, the on-going worldwide economic crisis continues to dent the purchasing power of the consumers in various developed markets. These issues force Samsung to seek profitable ventures in the emerging markets. From this perspective, Samsung operates in a macroeconomic environment, which associates with uncertainty and…
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