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Tata Motors Limited is a major automobile company from the Tata Group of India; Tata is considering the ICON of India. Its Headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. In India it produce Passenger cars, Trucks, Vans. It’s the 17th largest motor vehicle company in the world according to its websites ( news accessed on 25th Nov 2014). In the last decade Tata Motors has taken over iconic brand of UK the Jaguar Land Rover, They also have been involved in other countries and has joint venture with Japanese companies Hitachi. Tata has various brand in the car industry like Tata Sierra, Tata Indica and in 2008 they launched the cheapest car in the world which is Tata Nano. Tata Motors is now a renowned automobile manufacturer in India and with the UK arm is now moving slowly has a global player around the world. The company has now to do a have to do a business case analysis from a country to country base in terms of what American customers perceive has a Unique selling point might not be the same for Middle east Arabs or European markets. In the European market they had a long tie up with Benz car which is no more in place but they still have a working relationship. The best was to start is to do a Macro and Micro Analysis has follows
STAKEHOLDERS: This are the people, union, companies which are directly or indirectly associated with Tata Motors who will have impact with any change in policy. Tata Motors has the following Stakeholders.
• Customers are the…

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