Business Case Template

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Please provide a professional looking document that includes the following
1. Project name- Please come out with a name for your project.
2. Project team- at this point you should have your project team in place. Be sure to identify your team by its name and list all team members.
3. Project description -provide a brief description of the project. A project description should be written so that anyone unfamiliar with the project can read and understand what the project is about. Include a brief description of the organisation and the problem or opportunity that led to initiating the project.
4. Measurable organisational value (MOV) - The MOV is the goal of the project and is used to define the value that your project will bring to
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Setting the time frame for achieving the MOV can be determined by asking the question - when do we want to achieve this target metric?
e. Summarize the MOV in a clear, concise statement or table - Once the area of impact, value, metrics, and timeframe are agreed on, the MOV should be summarized so that it can be clearly communicated to all of the project stakeholders. The MOV can be summarised in a statement: This project will be successful if _______? On the other hand, a table format may be more appropriate for summarizing the MOV if it has a growth component over two or more time periods .Keep in mind that the MOV should tell everyone what the project will achieve, not how it will be achieved .The MOV should focus on the organisation, not the technology that will be used to build or support the system the information system.
5. Comparison of alternatives –To keep things simple, you may consider three alternatives for your presentation; maintain the status quo (do nothing), purchase a software package, or build a custom system. Using the web or library, determine whether any software packages currently exist that you think may support the expected requirements. If more than one exists, then select one that you feel may be the best option for your client. Compare each of the alternatives based on the following criteria
a. Total cost of ownership(TCO)
This can be only a rough estimate at this time.
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